Atacan Atakan - 2017


Atacan published a book that will examine Talebe Defteri (1913-1919), one of the childrens’ magazines published in the late Ottoman period. This magazine focused mainly on the formation of an ideal child based on the ideas of nationalism and modernity. Nationalism became a popular idea in Ottoman society and among Ottoman intellectuals, especially after the Balkan Wars in which the Ottoman Empire was defeated by some of the Balkan states which led to loss of much of its lands in the region. Nationalism was not just a popular idea but it was also put into practice through state policies. Therefore, one of the objectives of this book will be the analysis of the magazine through the filter of nationalism. With patriotic agitation, Talebe Defteri stimulated the nationalist feelings of readers and raised national consciousness. At the same time, it promoted militarism, heroism, patriotism and revenge. Besides the idea of nationalism, Talebe Defteri presented a perspective of modernity to its readers by supporting a modern education system and its methods, equality between men and women, the improvement of women’s social status, entrepreneurship, formation of a domestic bourgeoisie, development of a modern healthcare system, and promotion of modern methods in physical training. Also, it touched upon issues of morality which were based on bourgeoisie and national moral codes.