View the course offerings for Spring 2016:

Our courses include:

  • Introductory 100 level courses on Middle Eastern Humanities and the Religion of Islam that serve hundreds of students a year and fulfill University General Education distribution requirements
  • 200 level basic courses in Middle Eastern history which also meet General Education Tier 2 requirements
  • 300 level courses (which may have prerequisites) on more specialized topics in literature, cinema, Islamic thought, or patterns of conflict in the region
  • 400/500 level classes in which advanced undergraduates and graduate students meet concurrently to study 20th century history, the Arab Israeli conflict, Islamic studies, media studies, gender, nationalism, political economy and advanced cultural studies.

Students (with faculty permission) may also take a limited number of independent studies (199-499 for undergraduates), (599-799 for graduate students). Practica  in which students work on specific professional projects or internships under a faculty member's supervision are also available in some fields. Middle Eastern language courses from beginning to advanced are available. See the Undergraduate or Graduate Advisor for information on relevant courses in other departments.