Double Major, Dual Degree and Shared Course Policies

The Double Major Dual Degree is an excellent choice for MENAS and Arabic Majors!

In the past few years there has been increasing demand from undergraduate students that their degree be marketable to prospective employers upon graduation. While the intent of the MENAS and Arabic Bachelors of Arts degrees is to give students a diverse education, without specific preparation for a particular job or field of employment, some employers have preferences regarding particular fields of study in which their prospective employees hold their degrees. Studying more than one major or completing two concurrent degrees (dual degree) effectively doubles the chances of matching a prospective employer's preferences, and therefore can put a graduating student in a better position to secure a position with a preferred employer.

Not only this, but students who pursue double majors and dual degrees report their education experience as more favorable than students who pursue single majors/degrees, and they are more likely to be accepted into their preferred graduate program, and have more options for graduate degree programs. Studying more than one subject with the depth that completing a major course of study provides encourages an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving along with a more nuanced understanding of the complexity of contemporary topics and subjects of study. In particular, double-majoring (or completing a dual-degree) is extremely compatible with the MENAS programs, as our majors emphasize interdisciplinary study within the major. Extending these principles into a second major creates a rich and robust educational experience and gives students the opportunity to connect with students and professors in different disciplines.

The University of Arizona and the School of Middle Eastern & North African Studies encourage our students to make the most of the time spent in pursuit of an undergraduate degree. Students who would like to complete two programs of study can do so by sharing General Education requirements between the programs and sometimes sharing classes between the major and minor requirements in the two programs. To share major courses, both majors must allow double-dipping. For a list of Double-Dipping policies for some Departments and majors at UA, go HERE.

The Middle Eastern & North African Studies major allows for 12 units of sharing with any other major that allows sharing of coursework. We have put together special arrangements with certain departments with a large number of cross-listed courses between our departments as well. Our policies for double-use of course credit can be viewed for each major pairing by clicking the links below. Double-use of a course constitutes using one course for two different course requirements. This is generally allowed only for course requirements in the major, and not for Tier-1 General Education requirements, or for minor requirements.

Shared Course Policies for the MENAS major

Arabic & MENAS

Religious Studies and MENAS

Shared Course Policies for the Arabic major

The Arabic major allows 6 units of double-dipping with any other major, if double-dipping is allowed by that major. Courses outside of the "Electives in English" requirement list must be approved by the Arabic Academic advisor, Sarah Williams. The Arabic major allows 9 units of double-dipping with the MENAS major.

Contact the Academic Advisor for MENAS and Arabic, Sarah Williams, for more info.