MENAS Middle Eastern Dessert Bake-Off

On Monday, the MENAS Undergraduates put together a bake-off, and we had eight contestants!


Congratulations to our first MENAS bake-off winners!

1st place – Dino Kadich, who baked a Pistachio Semolina Cake
2nd place – Isabel Miramonte, who baked a Persian Love Cake
3rd place – Catherine Witt, who baked Ghraiba ( A Moroccan cookie)


Honorable mentions go to Asma Benzeglam, who made Libyan Ba’qlawa and Tala Shahin who made Coconut Namoura.


Overall, it was a great event and special thanks to everyone who participated and our wonderful judges, Dr. Benjamin Fortna, Dr. Leila Hudson, and Dr. Mahmoud Azaz!

Finally, a special thanks to Dr. Maha Nassar as well for putting in the time and effort to organize the event!