Student Highlights


Congratulations, Tatiana!

Tatiana Rabinovich has received the Woodrow Wilson Women’s Studies Fellowship. The Women’s Studies Fellowship is the only national program to support doctoral work... More

Atacan published a book that will examine Talebe Defteri (1913-1919), one of the childrens’ magazines published in the late Ottoman period. This magazine focused mainly on the formation of an... More

Congratulations to Kyle Jones for getting... More

... More

Mojtaba Ebrahimian (Ph.D. candidate) was nominated and then selected for an SBS summer dissertation fellowship of $5,000 (one of the 14 awardees out of 60 applications). He is expecting to... More

Aaron has received admission to the one-year Masters program in applied linguistics at the University of Edinburgh! The Program is an internationally top-ranked program in the field, and it is a... More