Turkish Culture

Student Briefs
During my recent study aboard experience in İzmir, Turkey I fell in love the with bright and vibrant culture and language of the country.  Turkey is a fantastic country, combining its old Byzantine and Ottoman history with a more modern Republic.  When I arrived in Turkey I was struck by the beauty.  Around me was a bustling city.  As I craved for open space, I got mountains, higher than I'd ever seen and a sea so vast that I could only see water on the horizon.  Though saat koselsi was a fantastic place, I wanted to see the history of Turkey.  Traveling to Istanbul, I was aw-struck by the magnificence of Aya Sofia and Sultan Ahmet Camii.  The Grand Bazaar and Basilica Cisterns made for an even more memorable experience.  Efesus provided a deep look into the ancient civilizations that inhabited the area.  Kappadocia showed the natural beauty of the Turkish landscape and the historical significance of the area.  When I was tired of history, Turkey didn't disappoint.  The nightlife in Alsancak was bustling and the clubs in Bodrum rivaled those of Las Vegas.  Being back home, there is not a day when I do not wish I was able to go back to Turkey.  I never knew I could find a home so far away from my own.  The Turkish program at the University of Arizona has helped me grow my skills in the Turkish language, stay in touch with friends I made, and also bolster my resume for post graduation by teaching me one of the high demand languages for the state and defense departments.  Turkey, and the Turkish language, are truly one of a kind and I've enjoyed every second of learning about both of them.

- Madeline Annetta Bynes 


Language study in Turkey is very affordable and most programs offer the chance to meet new people, practice your conversation skills and get a feel for the country. Last summer, I spent four months in Istanbul as a student at Fatih University . Living and studying in Istanbul was a wonderful experience: I met a lot of people interested in my field, my language skills developed incredibly, and I got the chance to see Turkish life first-hand. O çok şahane oldu

-Dave Hassinger