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Chances are, you will experience at least one challenge while you are a university student. It may be academic, procedural, personal or some other kind of challenge, but you don't necessarily have to try to figure it out by yourself. Some resources are listed on this page that might help, but if not, you can always contact your Academic Advisor: Sarah Williams if you are overwhelmed.


Scholarship Universe is an online portal for most scholarships offered at the University of Arizona. Just set up your profile and the system automatically matches you with scholarships you are eligible for. In many cases, your profile info will auto-fill the scholarship applications.

Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid handles most financial aid and scholarship awards on your Bursar's account. Contact info is HERE. If you recieve Veteran's or Military Benefits, you would contact Veterans Services.


UA Academic Calendar: Lists Semester start date, holidays, final exam dates, graduation ceremony and degree award dates

Registrar's Office Dates & DeadlinesLists all academic deadlines: i.e. Add/drop deadlines, GRO deadline, Withdraw deadline, Late Change Petition deadline, Refund deadline, etc.

Bursar's Office Dates & Deadlines Includes all account deadlines, including: Refund deadline, Late Payment deadline, Unpaid Tuition charge dates, etc.


Spring 2018 Priority Registration Dates: A Priority Registration Appointment is the time window when you are eligible to enroll in classes for the next semester, based on your class standing. Seniors, Honors students and Veterans have the earliest appointments. When the Schedule of Classes is made available (either October 1st for Winter/Spring semesters or March 1st for Summer/Fall semesters), you can view your Priority Registration Appointment on your UAccess homepage in the blue, right-hand column. Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor about one week prior to your Priority Registration Appointment date to ensure you are meeting your requirements and on-track to graduate.

Academic Advisement Reports: Your Academic Advisement Report is a record of all of the classes that have been or will apply to your degree requirements, plus all of the degree requirements you still need to meet. Besides your transcript, this is an official record of your academic progress.

To view your Advisement Report:
1. Go to the dropdown menu next to your current schedule on the left-hand side of your UAccess homepage
2. Select "Advisement Report" and click the button next to the dropdown. Make sure pop-ups are not blocked in your browser.
3. On the next page that opens, click the green "View PDF" button. The next page that opens is your Advisement Report.

Each table on the PDF indicates a requirement. If the table is empty, you need to fulfil the requirement. If there is a class listed then you are either enrolled in a class that meets the requirement or you've completed a class that meets that requirement. If there is a grade next to the class, you've completed the requirement.

If you have questions about your requirements, be sure to contact your Academic Advisor, Sarah Williams!


Info on applying to the Honors College is HERE

The schedule for walk-ins for Student Success Counselors in the Honors College is HERE

Tutoring/Academic Skills Services

Writing Skills Improvement Workshops Schedule

ThinkTank Academic Skills Improvement

ThinkTank Workshop Wednesdays Schedule

ThinkTank Drop-In Tutoring Schedule

DRC/ThinkTank Tutoring

ThinkTank Writing Center

ThinkTank Workshops ONLINE Schedule

Supplemental Instruction Schedule

Academic Skills Tutoring Schedule

Time Management/Planning

Semester on a Page (link is at the top of this page)

UA Library Assignment Scheduler

Weekly Planner

Post-Graduate, Extra Curricular, Clubs and other opportunities


Mock Trial

Bulletin BoardAnnouncements across campus for internship opportunities, new classes, events, jobs and more!

LSAT Test Preparation

Pre-Law Resources

MCAT Test Preparation

Pre-Health Resources


MENAS Internships

SGPP Internship Page

AZ Legislative Internship: This internship will postpone PPEL student's graduation by one year, but is very prestigious. Speak with Sarah Williams or Dr. Howard if you are considering this opportunity.

SBS Internships (provides credit when it is not possible to get Departmental Credit for your Internship)