MENAS Minors

Any advisor can declare you in the four MENAS minors. If you have questions about requirements or if a course will count toward any of the minors, please contact Sarah Williams. To declare a major in Arabic or MENAS, contact Sarah Williams or schedule an appointment with her in WiseAdvising under the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. 

Middle Eastern Studies Minor (MENAS)
The Middle Eastern Studies minor requires a total of 18 units, nine of which must be upper-division 300-level courses and above. Students select from MENA-prefixed courses or cross-listed courses. 150- and 160-level courses cannot apply to the MENAS major or minor (even if they are not used toward general education requirements). Up to 6 units of Tier-2 general education courses can also double-dip with minor requirements. See your advisor if you have questions.

Arabic Studies Minor (ARB)
The Arabic Minor requires a minimum of 18 units of ARB courses, all of which are upper-division. ARB 101 and 102 CANNOT be counted towards the ARB minor.

Judaic Studies Minor (JUS)
Students wishing to minor in Judaic Studies, SEE JUS page.

Persian Studies Minor (PRS)
The Persian Minor requires 18 units of PRS courses, with 9 upper-division units of PRS course work required. PRS 101 and 102 can be counted towards the minor.

Turkish Studies Minor (TURK)
The Turkish Minor requires a minimum of 18 units, 9 of which must be upper-division TURK courses. TURK 101 and 102 can be counted towards the minor.

NOTE: A 2.00 Minor GPA is required for all minors.