Undergraduate Studies in Middle Eastern and North African Studies

Students in the School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies (formerly the Department of Near Eastern Studies) are drawn to the area for a variety of reasons.  While some have had previous connections to the Middle East and North Africa through travel or personal experiences, others have no experience in the region before beginning their studies here.

Students in MENAS have a unique opportunity to explore an area of the world that is constantly in the news, yet remains a mystery to many people.  By learning about the history, culture, politics and languages of the Middle East and North Africa, students gain unique insight into a part of the world that nearly half a billion people call home.

Many majors and minors take advantage of our numerous Study Abroad opportunities. Such  programs allow  students  to earn UA credit while studying in the region. Some UA financial aid packages can be applied to select Study Abroad programs.  Nearly all of our students who have studied abroad had great experiences and hope to return.

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