Leila Hudson

About Leila Hudson

Research Interests:
refugees and migration, war and extremism, gender and sexualities, media and publics, Syria and the Eastern Mediterranean, regional political dynamics

Selected Publications:

  • “They Gave Us Cheese Sandwiches: Foodways of War and Flight” for Mashriq and Mahjar: Journal of Middle Eastern and North African Migration Studies, 5(1) 2019, forthcoming
  • “Syrian Refugees in Europe: Migration Dynamics and Political Challenges” in New England Journal of Public Policy, 30(2) Special Issue on Migration, ed. Padraig O’Malley, 2018
  • The Refugee’s Passage: Liminality, Gendered Habits, the Emergence of Difference in Flight” for Border, Conflict and Gender, ed. S. Sekhawat. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2017
  • “Dynamics of the Syrian Migration” for Pursuing Stability and  Shared Development in Euro-Mediterranean Migrations, eds. E. del Re and R. Laremont. Rome: Aracne, 2017.
  • “Liquidating Syria, Fracking Europe,” Middle East Policy, 22(3) Autumn 2015
  • Media Evolution on the Eve of the Arab Spring. Palgrave, New York. 2014. co-edited with Adel Iskandar and Mimi Kirk
  • “Neopatriarchy in Syrian and Turkish Television Drama: Between the Culture Industry and the Dialect Imagination” in Media Evolution on the Eve of the Arab Spring, eds. Hudson, Iskandar and Kirk. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2014.
  • “Publics, Imaginaries, Soft Power and Epistemologies on the Eve of the Arab Uprisings” in Media Evolution on the Eve of the Arab Spring, eds. Hudson, Iskandar and Kirk. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2014. With A. Iskandar.
  • “Order, Freedom and Chaos: Sovereignties in Syria.” Middle East Policy, 20(2) Summer 2013
  • "Drone Warfare in Yemen: Fostering Emirates Through Counter-terrorism?” Middle East Policy 19(3) Fall 2012: 142-156.  With C. Owens and D. Callen
  • “Drone Warfare: Blowback from the New American Way of War” in Middle East Policy 18(3) Fall 2011:122-132. With C. Owens and M. Flannes
  • Middle Eastern Humanities: An Introduction to Cultures of the Middle East. Kendall Hunt, Dubuque, IA, 2010
  • Transforming Damascus: Space and Modernity in an Islamic City. IB Tauris, New York, 2008.
  • "Le voile et le portable: l'adolescence sous Bachar al-Assad" in La Syrie au présent: reflets d'une société.” edited by Baudoin Dupret et al. Paris: 2007, Sindbad, Actes Sud
  • “Late Ottoman Damascus: Investments in Public Space and the Emergence of Popular Sovereignty” in Critique: Critical Middle Eastern Studies, 15 (2) 2006
  • “Investing by Women or Investing in Women? Money, Merchandise and Marriage in Late Ottoman Damascus” in Comparative Studies in Africa, South Asia and the Middle East, 26 (1) 2006
  • “The New Ivory Towers: Strategic Studies, Think Tanks and Counter-realism” in Middle East Policy 12(4) Winter 2005: 118-132
  • "Lessons from Walmart and the Wehrmacht: Team Wolfowitz on Administration in the Information Age." Middle East Policy 11(2) Summer 2004: 25-39
  • "Reading al-Sha'rani: The Sufi Genealogy of Islamic Modernism in Late Ottoman Damascus." Journal of Islamic Studies 15(1) 2004: 39-68
  • “Khadija Aw 'Aisha: Anmat Hayat Nisa' Dimashq al-Muslimat min 1880-1920. Al-Nisa al-'Arabiyyat fi al-'Ishrinat: Hudur wa Hawiya. J. S. Makdisi and N. Sheikh. Beirut, 2003 Tajamu' lil Bahithat al-Lubnaniyyat. (“Khadija or Aisha? Trends Among Muslim Women of Damascus 1880-1920” in Arab Women in the 1920s: Presence and Identity)







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Leila Hudson
Associate Professor, Modern Middle East Culture and Political Economy
Telephone: 621-8013
Office: Marshall 445
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Courses Taught

Courses Taught:

  • Middle Eastern Humanities
  • Genealogies of ISIS
  • Women, Gender and Sexuality in the Middle East
  • Refugees and Migration