Ludwig Adamec

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Ludwig Adamec
Professor Emeritus
Telephone: 621-2314
Office: Marshall 455


Professor Adamec came to the University in 1967 as one of two scholars in Middle Eastern studies.  He taught history of the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa from about 500 AD to modern days.  In addition, he taught Arabic and Persian languages until positions for those languages could be filled.  Middle East Studies was part of the Oriental Studies Department, but in 1975 Professor Adamec won funding from the US Department of Education for starting the Near Eastern Center.  He was the first center director for the subsequent ten years, and won federal support to fill new teaching positions. A charter member of the Middle East Studies Association of North America, Adamec was instrumental in bringing the MESA headquarters to the University of Arizona campus in 1981, where it has remained to this day.  Subsequent directors have continued to build on a modest beginning to produce a research and teaching institution in Middle East studies of which we can all be proud.