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About Mohamed A. Moustafa

I am a doctoral student at MENAS. My research interests come at the intersection of Islamic intellectual history and Arabic literature. Having done my MA in Islamic studies, I published an article in the NAZARİYAT Journal for the History of Islamic Philosophy and Sciences and two contributions to Leiden’s series: Christian-Muslim Relations: A Bibliographical History.  

My motivation is to investigate the broad question of classical Arabic scholarship as a critical enterprise. An important stage in addressing this question is to explore the analytical category of tadhawwuq (textual appreciation). For my PhD project I will study how this concept is engaged in theory and practice by a modern scholar working on pre-modern literary materials. In a later stage, I will look into critical textual practices in Arabic hermeneutics and historiography.

I participated in the Geneva University’s conference “Body’s Mind and the Mind's Body: Bodily States and Cognition in the Greek, Arabic, and Hebrew Philosophical and Medical Traditions” (04/12-13/2016). I also participated in academic workshops at the Dominican Institute for Oriental Studies in Cairo, the Netherlands-Flemish Institute & Utrecht University events in Cairo, the Institute of Arabic Manuscripts, ALECSO, and the U.S. Department of State/Fulbright in Washington DC. 

I taught Islamic studies in English at the Faculty of Language and Translation, Al-Azhar University, for nine years and have been translating from Arabic into English and vice versa since 2006. While pursuing my PhD at MENAS, I assist with teaching courses offered by the department, such as the Religion of Islam, Islamic Civilization, etc. 



"Upholding God’s Essence: Ibn Taymiyya on the Createdness of the Spirit, " in NAZARİYAT Journal for the History of Islamic Philosophy and Sciences 3.2 (May 2017), pp. 1-43.  

"Ibn al-Amīr al-Ṣanʿānī" and "Jawāb al-suʾāl ʿan ijlāʾahl al-kitāb min al-Yaman," in Christian-Muslim Relations: A Bibliographical History (Asia, Africa and the Americas 1700-1800), ed. David Thomas John Chesworth (Brill: Oct, 2018), vol. 12, pp. 198-206.

"Abū l-Ghayth al-Qashshāsh" and "Nukhbat al-asrārf īl-radd ʿalā l-Naṣārā min firaq al-kuffār," in Christian-Muslim Relations: A Bibliographical History (Ottoman and Savafid Empires 1600-1700), ed. David Thomas and John Chesworth, (Brill: Nov, 2017), vol. 10, pp. 132-7.






Areas of Study

Islamic studies

Islamic intellectual history

Classical and modern Arabic literature 






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Contact Information

Mohamed A. Moustafa
PhD Student/Graduate Associate
Office Hours: By appointments


MA, Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations, Hartford Seminary, Connecticut

MA and BA, Faculty of Languages and Translation, Al-Azhar University, Cairo 


Courses Taught

TA (with Porfessor Badareen): MENA 150C1: Islamic Civilization, Spring 2019

TA (with Professor Noorani): MENA 160A1 001 & 002, Religion of Islam, Fall 2018