What Can I Do With a MENAS Degree?

What Can I Do With a MENAS Degree?

Students with a MENAS degree have a wide number of career options available to them.  This is especially true for those who achieve a high level of proficiency in a Middle Eastern language. Some of our majors work in government and intelligence fields, while others put their skills to use in international business. Still others work for non-profit organizations that help people from the Middle East and North Africa both in the region and here in America.

Of course, many of our majors do not stop at the BA level, but go on to graduate school, law school, medical school and business school. They have found that a MENAS degree allows them to highlight their unique language skills and knowledge of the region, which helps them stand out in these increasingly competitive fields. We also offer a 5-year joint BA-MA in MENAS (AMP), allowing students to obtain a graduate degree with only one additional year of coursework.


Students in the School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies are drawn to the area for a variety of reasons. While some have had previous connections to the Middle East and North Africa through travel or personal experiences, others have no experience in the region before beginning their studies here.

Students in MENAS have a unique opportunity to explore an area of the world that is constantly in the news, yet remains a mystery to many people. By learning about the history, culture, politics and languages of the Middle East and North Africa, students gain unique insight into a part of the world that nearly half a billion people call home.

Many majors and minors take advantage of our Study Abroad opportunities. These programs allow students to earn UA credit while studying in the region. Some UA financial aid packages can be applied to select Study Abroad programs. 

What Skills Do I Learn as an MENAS Major?

MENAS majors achieve at least intermediate-level proficiency in a Middle Eastern language (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, or Turkish). Some majors continue to study their language of choice beyond the intermediate level, which allows them to read, write and communicate with greater proficiency. MENAS majors can also double-major with Arabic.

In addition, MENAS majors learn analytical and writing skills that serve them well no matter what career they choose.

Awards & Scholarships

Many of our majors and minors earn scholarships for language study and travel to the region. Through the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, students can apply for Foreign Language Area Study (FLAS) fellowships and summer travel grants. Students can also apply for college-wide awards, such as the Magellan Circle Scholarship. Several of our students have been successful applicants for nationwide scholarships, including Boren Fellowships and Critical Language Scholarships.