Welcome to Middle Eastern & North African Studies

The School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies (MENAS) is a multi-disciplinary department focusing on the region known as the Near or Middle East, which includes the Arab world, Iran, Israel and Turkey, providing a full range of language courses in Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Hebrew (through Judaic Studies).

School News

UANEWS article written By Lori Harwood, UA College of Social and Behavioral Sciences | February 4, 2014 "The UA has launched the Arabic Flagship Program as part of a national initiative that aims to train more people to speak Arabic, considered a "critical" language for national security." Please... read more
In recognition of his exceptional contributions to the education and training of others in Middle East studies, With deep appreciation for his dedication to preparing his students for a life of scholarship, teaching, and professional service; For the care with which he provoked, inspired and... read more