Accelerated M.A. Program

Complete both your B.A. and M.A. in Middle Eastern and North African Studies in as little as five years.

About the Program

Students admitted into the MENAS Accelerated Master's Program will be able to complete a B.A. and an M.A. (Professional Track) in five years. Students in the Accelerated Master's Program will be required to complete 33 units of coursework, 12 of which may also be applied to a B.A. in MENAS.

Admission Process

You should apply by April 1st of your junior year.

You must:

Students meeting these requirements will receive conditional admission into the program. Those admitted are not required to take the GRE.

Program Requirements

Language Requirement

  • 2nd-year proficiency in Middle Eastern language (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, or Turkish)

Fall Semester, 4th Year

  • Take MENA 595D and one 500-level MENAS Core Requirement course. 
  • Be evaluated by MENAS Graduate Committee for final admission into the program.

Spring Semester, 4th Year

  • Take two 500-level MENAS Core Requirement courses.
  • Assemble a departmental paper committee.

5th Year

  • Complete MENA 595D and the three MENAS Core Requirement courses (in History, Islamic Studies, and Gender/Culture).
  • Complete 21 units total, including the units for concentration and departmental paper
  • The graduate committee recommends that students take 12 units during their fall semester and 9 units during their spring semester.

The four 500-level 4th Year courses will count toward up to four of your undergraduate MENAS major requirements. Contact your MENAS major advisor to coordinate which courses in your MENAS major you will take as graduate-level courses once you are accepted into the Accelerated Master's Program.

For More Information

Contact the MENAS Program Coordinator, Lora Galabi, for further information.