Graduate Funding Opportunities

Graduate Financial Aid

The School of Middle East and North African Studies (MENAS) awards financial aid on a competitive basis. Meritorious factors include demonstrated excellence in academics including GPA, progress in the program (for current students), test scores (for incoming students), publication, and professional experience such as a previous assistantship or other Middle East-related experience. Most funding is awarded in the fall for the academic year, therefore students entering the program in the spring have a minimal opportunity for departmental support. Many of our students also receive academic year and summer FLAS (Foreign Language Area Studies) scholarships through the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES). Comprehensive information on FLAS awards may be obtained by visiting the CMES web site. Listed below are the types of financial aid awarded by the Department.

Complete only ONE Financial Aid Application to request the following types of support:

  • Teaching Assistantships (TAs)
  • Tuition and Registration Scholarships
  • Graduate College Fellowships (normally for incoming students only)

The following awards require separate applications:

This page does not include information on financial aid available through the UA Graduate College, Office of Student Financial Aid, or other sources outside the administration of MENAS. See also CMES page for information on FLAS scholarships.


Teaching Assistantships

MENAS offers a number of teaching assistantships in UA general education courses offered by the department, such as TRAD101 Middle Eastern Humanities, and TRAD101 the Religion of Islam. We also regularly employ teaching assistants to teach- or assist with- language courses such as first year Persian, Turkish and Arabic.  In addition, we have supported graders to assist with undergraduate courses such as MENA/RELI 334- Islamic Thought and MENA/HIST/RELI 277A- History of the Middle East. TA course assignments are made by the Graduate Studies Committee in consultation with the Department Head based on background and experience.

Research Assistantships

MENAS has historically employed one- to two research assistants each semester. These positions are based on funds generated from various grants and other sources. Employment in such positions as with all financial aid is available contingent on funding. 

Tuition Waivers | Registration Scholarships

Tuition waivers ‘waive’ all- or a part of the out-of-state portion of a student’s tuition. Likewise registration scholarships pay all- or a part of the in-state portion of a student’s tuition. 

Graduate College Fellowship Awards

MENAS has regularly awarded Graduate College Fellowships to support our students. These fellowships are mainly a recruiting tool, and incoming students are automatically considered for the award. Award amounts vary up to as much as $5,000.

Roshan Fellowship for Excellence in Persian and Iranian Studies

Summer Session Teaching Assistantships | Application

Summer session TAs are awarded based on the criteria listed under Teaching Assistantships. In addition, students applying for summer Assistantships MUST have taken the GATO training, and in most cases have at least one semester as a TA in the course for which they are applying. There are three summer session semesters each summer: Presummer (3 weeks beginning approximately the third week of May), Summer I and Summer II (each approximately five weeks long). The Department has offered graduate teaching assistantships in TRAD101 Middle Eastern Humanities, TRAD101 the Religion of Islam, MENA/HIST/RELI 277A History of the Middle East, and MENA/RELI 334 Islamic thought. A call for applications is usually made late in the Fall semester.

Winter Session Teaching Assistantships | Application

Winter TAs teach in the three-week 'Winter Session' between fall and spring semesters. The criteria for this award is listed above under Teaching Assistantships. MENAS normally offers a single TA during the winter session- usually TRAD101, Religion of Islam or TRAD101 Middle Eastern Humanities. Applications are due mid-November.

Travel Awards | Authorization Form

Small travel awards may be available for students presenting at or attending scholarly conferences. Preference is given to students who are presenting, but funding for attending a conference may also be available. A maximum of $200 is offered per conference. To apply for this award, please submit your Travel Authorization form to our Director for approval at least 30 days prior to the conference.

Thesis/Dissertation Tuition Waiver | Application

Thesis/Dissertation Waivers cover nonresident tuition charges only. Recipients must be degree-seeking graduate students who are enrolled for only 1 to 6 units of 900 level. Maximum enrollment is six (6) units. Units other than 900-level are not allowed and disqualify the student from using this award.

Students must have a minimum graduate GPA of 3.0 Recipients should NOT be using University resources (i.e., libraries, computer, labs, faculty time) to any significant extent, except for exams and final defense.