BA Arabic

Bachelor of Arts


“I've always enjoyed studying foreign languages, and wanted to take advantage of that interest by intensely studying one that would open doors for me. Arabic filled that role by not only opening the door to a number of professional opportunities, but also a fascinating array of cultures.” - Connor Murphy, Arabic Alum

About the Major

In our comprehensive program, you'll delve into the rich tapestry of classical and contemporary Arabic literature, linguistics, translation, and cultural studies. Immerse yourself in the historical, social, and political intricacies of Arabic-speaking regions and nations, gaining profound insights into their vibrant cultures.

Throughout your academic journey, you'll traverse various stages of Arabic language mastery, advancing from foundational to advanced levels. Immerse yourself in language-rich environments through study abroad programs and intensive language courses, fostering not only linguistic fluency but also a deep cultural appreciation.

Our curriculum extends beyond language-focused modules, allowing you to explore complementary fields such as comparative literature, history, anthropology, religious studies, and international relations. This interdisciplinary approach broadens your intellectual horizons, equipping you with versatile skills applicable to diverse professional pathways.

Our program offers exclusive opportunities for students, including participation in the prestigious Arizona Arab Flagship and Project GO initiatives. These initiatives offer unparalleled immersive experiences and specialized training, elevating your language proficiency and cultural competence to unprecedented levels.

Upon successful completion of our Bachelor of Arts in Arabic program, you'll emerge equipped with a robust blend of language proficiency, cultural acumen, and analytical prowess essential for thriving in various fields. Whether you aspire to roles in education, translation and interpretation, diplomacy, international business, journalism, or cultural organizations, our program empowers you to excel and make a meaningful impact.

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Areas of Study

Arts & Media

Explore the representation of Arab societies in various forms of media and analyze how cultural narratives are shaped and disseminated through literature, film, and other artistic mediums.

Culture & Language

Investigate the intricate relationship between Arabic language and culture, examining how language reflects and influences cultural practices, societal norms, and identity formation in Arabic-speaking communities.

Law, Policy & Social Justice

Delve into legal and policy frameworks within Arabic-speaking regions, critically evaluating their impact on social justice, human rights, and equity, and examining advocacy efforts aimed at promoting legal reform and social change.

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Discover societal structures, dynamics, and phenomena within Arabic-speaking communities through the lens of social and behavioral sciences, offering students a comprehensive understanding of the socio-cultural landscape and preparing them to address complex social issues.

Required Minor

Students are required to complete a minor or dual major. Some areas of interest that complement the major are business, political science, government policy, education, and law.

Career Pathways

  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Foreign Service/Diplomacy
  • Intelligence and Security Analysis
  • International Business
  • Education
  • Journalism and Media
  • International Development and Humanitarian Aid
  • Cultural Organizations and Nonprofits
  • Academic Research and Teaching
  • Tourism and Hospitality

Undergraduate Independent Study

Please contact the MENAS department for more information on enrolling in an independent study course.


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Arabic Flagship Program

Arabic majors can apply to the Arabic Flagship Program to help fund intensive language study and summer abroad programs.