BA Arabic

Bachelor of Arts


Arabic Flagship Program

Arabic majors can apply to the Arabic Flagship Program to help fund intensive language study and summer abroad programs.

About the Major

Students gain communicative proficiency in the Arabic language, informed knowledge of Arab cultures, and skills that are critical to the pursuit of professional success or graduate education. We offer student-centered instruction throughout a well-articulated course series that includes outcomes-based assessment aligned with national standards for language learning. In addition, we also offer two different student opportunities: Arizona Arab Flagship and Project GO.

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Required Minor

Students are required to complete a minor or dual major. Some areas of interest that complement the major are business, political science, government policy, education, and law.

Career Pathways

Our graduates are often drawn to careers in academia, government services, international business, and teaching.

Undergraduate Independent Study

Please contact the MENAS department for more information on enrolling in an independent study course.