Undergraduate Minors

Any advisor can declare you in one of our four undergraduate minors or you can declare a minor online. If you have questions about minor requirements please contact an advisor or schedule an appointment with her using Trellis Advise.

Middle Eastern & North African Studies Minor

The Middle Eastern & North African Studies minor requires a total of 18 units, nine of which must be upper-division 300-level courses and above. Students select from MENA-prefixed courses or cross-listed courses. 150- and 160-level courses cannot apply to the MENAS major or minor. Arabic, Persian, and Turkish language courses (101, 102, 401-408) will not count towards the MENAS minor. See below for applying these language courses to an Arabic, Persian, or Turkish minor. Up to 6 units of Tier-2 general education courses can also double-dip with minor requirements. See your advisor if you have questions.

Arabic Studies Minor

The Arabic minor requires a minimum of 18 units of ARB-prefixed courses, all of which are upper-division. ARB 101 and 102 cannot be counted towards the Arabic minor.

Persian Studies Minor

The Persian Minor requires 18 units of PRS-prefixed courses, with 9 upper-division units required. 

PRS 101 and 102 can be counted towards the Persian minor.

Turkish Studies Minor

The Turkish minor requires a minimum of 18 units, 9 of which must be upper-division TURK-prefixed courses. TURK 101 and 102 can be counted towards the Turkish minor.