Double Major Options

Stand out to future employers with a double major.

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Benefits of Double Majoring

Our undergraduate programs emphasize interdisciplinary study and are extremely compatible with completing a double major. Bringing this interdisciplinary perspective into a second major will give you a rich and robust educational experience, as well as the opportunity to connect with students and professors in different disciplines.

Adding a second major can also give you more options after graduation. Our undergraduate majors give you a diverse education and prepare you for almost any field. But adding specialized skills from another major can help you stand out to future employers and gain acceptance you your preferred graduate program.

We encourage you to explore double major options. You can start by speaking with your advisor for more information and details about the process.

Double Major Options


Become proficient in Arabic while also gaining cultural competency and deeper knowledge of Middle Eastern & North African Studies. Double majoring in Arabic and MENAS can open career options in government and intelligence fields, international business, and non-profits, as well as graduate programs.

Learn more about the B.A. MENAS/Arabic Double Major

MENAS/Religious Studies

Share up to 15 credit hours (5 classes) toward the requirements for both Middle East & North African Studies and Religious Studies. You also have the option to concentrate in "Islamic Studies" as part of the Religious Studies major. 

Learn more about the B.A. MENAS/Religious Double Major

Shared Course Policies

The Middle Eastern & North African Studies major allows for 12 units of sharing with any other major that allows sharing of coursework. We have put together special arrangements with certain departments with a large number of cross-listed courses between our departments as well.

The Arabic major allows 6 units of double-dipping with any other major if double-dipping is allowed by that major. Courses outside of the "Electives in English" requirement list must be approved by the Arabic Academic advisor. The Arabic major allows 9 units of double-dipping with the MENAS major.

See double-dipping policies for other majors at the University of Arizona.