Persian Program

We offer one of the top programs in the United States for Persian language study and Iranian studies.

Persian Language Study

Undergraduate Offerings

The School offers a B.A. in Middle Eastern and North African Studies with a focus in Persian language and culture. We also offer a minor in Persian Studies.

Undergraduates interested in lanuage proficiency can take courses in elementary, intermediate and advanced Persian.

Graduate Offerings

Students in the M.A. program can focus on Persian with concentrations such as language and literature; history, culture & politics, and linguistics. We offer third and fourth year language courses in Persian at the graduate level.

Ph.D. students can choose tracks such as 1) critical studies in modern Middle Eastern culture and society; 2) linguistics of Persian language; and 3) literatures among others.

The Roshan Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Persian and Iranian Studies also offers M.A. and Ph.D. degrees focusing on 1) Modern or Classical Persian Literature and Culture or 2) Iranian (or other Persian speaking societies') history, religion, social organization, and politics.

    Persian Courses

    See the list of Persian language and content courses. Students wishing information on Persian language may contact Professor Kamran Talattof. More information on language proficiency may be found on the MENAS language page.

    Persian-Related Funding

    Funding for graduate students in Persian and Iranian Studies:

    Persian Faculty

    Persian Faculty

    Anne Betteridge

    Anne Betteridge

    Director, Center for Middle Eastern Studies

    Professor, Iranian Women & Culture

    • Iran and the Persianate World
    • Anthropology
    • Gender Studies
    Julia Clancy-Smith

    Julia Clancy-Smith

    Regent's Professor

    • North Africa and the Mediterranean
    • Modern and world history
    • Imperialism and colonialism in the Middle East and North Africa

    Richard Eaton

    Professor of History

    Social Sciences Room 111b

    Simin Karimi

    Professor of Linguistics

    Narges Nematollahi

    Elahé Omidyar Mir-Djalali Assistant Professor, Persian Language

    • Ancient and Early Medieval Iran
    • Historical and socio-linguistics
    • Stylistics

    Yaseen Noorani

    Director of Graduate Studies & Graduate Student Advisor

    Associate Professor, Arabic and Persian Language & Literature

    Austin O'Malley

    Roshan Institute Assistant Professor in Persian and Iranian Studies

    • Persianate world
    • Literature
    • Sufism

    Kamran Talattof

    Elahé Omidyar Mir-Djalali Chair, Persian and Iranian Studies ‎

    • Iran and the Persian world
    • Persian literature and Iranian culture and cinema
    • Gender and Ideology

    Kamran Talattof Lecture Series

    In an effort to stimulate lecture and colloquia with topics focused on Persian Studies, Professor Kamran Talattof recently provided seed money for a new lecture series in his name. The money will be used for travel expenses, lodging and honoraria to bring outstanding scholars to the University to speak on various aspects of Persian studies. Lecture Series information will be posted on this page, as well as the MENAS Events Calendar when scheduled. Contributions to the series are gladly accepted.