Persian Language Courses


MENAS offers Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, and 4th Year Persian. A BA in Middle Eastern and North African Studies and a minor in Persian are offered.


MENAS offers Advanced and 4th Year Persian at the graduate level.

The Roshan Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Persian and Iranian Studies offers MA and PhD degrees in Persian and Iranian Studies.

    Persian & Iranian Studies Faculty

    Persian Faculty

    Anne Betteridge

    Anne Betteridge

    Director, Center for Middle Eastern Studies

    Professor, Iranian Women & Culture

    • Iran and the Persianate World
    • Anthropology
    • Gender Studies
    Julia Clancy-Smith

    Julia Clancy-Smith

    Regent's Professor

    • North Africa and the Mediterranean
    • Modern and world history
    • Imperialism and colonialism in the Middle East and North Africa
    Marshall 447

    Richard Eaton

    Professor of History

    Social Sciences Room 111b
    Simin Karimi and their office.

    Simin Karimi

    Professor of Linguistics

    Communication 106

    Narges Nematollahi

    Assistant Professor of Practice, Persian Language

    • Ancient and early medieval Iran
    • Historical and socio-linguistics
    • Stylistics
    Yaseen Noorani's headshot.

    Yaseen Noorani

    Associate Professor, Arabic and Persian Language & Literature

    Austin O' Malley's headshot.

    Austin O'Malley

    Assistant Professor, Persian and Iranian Studies

    • Persianate world
    • Literature
    • Sufism

    Kamran Talattof

    Chair, Roshan GIDP in Persian and Iranian Studies

    Professor, Persian and Iranian Studies

    • Iran and the Persian world
    • Persian literature and Iranian culture and cinema
    • Gender and ideology