Program in Persian and Iranian Studies

Welcome to the web page for the program in Persian and Iranian studies in the School of Middle Eastern & North African Studies (MENAS) at the University of Arizona. In a study cited by the Chronicle of Higher Education, our department was rated as one of the two top productive programs in the nation. Middle Eastern & North African Studies offers Bachelors' Masters' and Doctoral degrees in Persian and Iranian studies. At the BA level, students earn a BA in Middle Eastern & North African Studies with a focus in Persian language and culture. See the MENAS BA page for more information. Master's students earn the MA in Middle Eastern & North African Studies focusing on Persian with concentrations such as 1) language and literature; 2) history, culture & politics, and 3) linguistics. Ph.D. students can choose tracks such as 1) critical studies in modern Middle Eastern culture and society; 2) linguistics of Persian language; and 3) literatures among others. The Roshan Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Persian and Iranian Studies offers MA and PhD degrees focusing on 1) Modern or Classical Perisan Literature and Culture or 2) Iranian (or other Persian speaking societies') history, religion, social organization, and politics. For full details and descriptions of the concentrations and tracks, visit the MENAS web with full program descriptions for the Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy in Middle Eastern & North African Studies.

Students wishing information on Persian language may contact Professor Kamran Talattof. More information on language proficiency may be found on the MENAS language page.


Kamran Talattof Lecture Series

In an effort to stimulate lecture and colloquia with topics focused on Persian Studies, Professor Kamran Talattof recently provided seed money for a new lecture series in his name. The money will be used for travel expenses, lodging and honoraria to bring outstanding scholars to the University to speak on various aspects of Persian studies. Lecture Series information will be posted on this page, as well as the MENAS Events Calendar when scheduled. Contributions to the series are gladly accepted.

Please follow the link below for Persian poetry by Nezami Ganjavi: