Arabic Program

We offer one of the top Arabic programs in the U.S., offering instruction in the Arabic language (MSA and dialects), Arabic linguistics, literature, culture, and society.

Arabic Language Study

We house numerous Arabic language programs both at the University of Arizona and abroad:

Arabic Faculty

Mahmoud Azaz

Director of Graduate Studies, MENAS

University of Arizona Distinguished Fellow

Associate Professor, Arabic Language, Linguistics, & Pedagogy

  • Arab world
  • Second language acquisition and pedagogy
  • Sociolinguistics
Marshall 444 

Samira Farwaneh

Arabic Language Coordinator, MENAS

Associate Professor, Arabic Language & Linguistics

  • Arab world
  • Phonology and morphology
  • Sociolinguistics

Yaseen Noorani

Associate Professor, Arabic and Persian Language & Literature

Sonia Shiri

Sonia Shiri

Director, Arabic Special Programs

Professor, Arabic

Arabic Instructors

Mahmoud Ali

Assistant Professor of Practice

Assistant Academic Director, Arabic Domestic Programs

Santa Rita House, Room 10

Abdessamad M’Barki


Assistant Director, Arabic Overseas Program