Turkish Program

We offer numerous opportunities for students wishing to pursue Turkish Studies, including Turkish language, culture, society, history, and gender.

Turkish Language Study

Turkish Language Courses

Students may enroll for Turkish language courses, as well as other courses focusing on Turkey and the Middle East (see courses)

  • TURK 101/102: Elementary Turkish
  • TURK 401/402: Intermediate Turkish
  • TURK 403/404/503/504: Advanced Turkish
  • TURK 407/408/507/508: 4th Year Turkish

In addition, Ottoman Turkish is offered from time to time under TURK 410/510, 411/511. Contact Linda Darling for questions regarding testing and/or placement.

Undergraduate Offerings

Students pursuing a B.A. in Middle Eastern and North African Studies can choose Turkish as their language track. We also offer a minor in Turkish Studies.

Graduate Offerings

MENAS and affiliated faculty take an interdisciplinary approach to Turkish studies through our M.A. and Ph.D. programs in Middle Eastern and North African Studies.

Arizona in Turkey

Study abroad in Istanbul, Turkey. This 8-week summer program offers Turkish language courses, including intermediate and advanced Turkish. Learn more about Arizona in Turkey.

Turkish Faculty

    Turkish Faculty

    Linda Darling

    Professor of History

    Social Sciences Room 219

    Benjamin Fortna

    Director, School of Middle Eastern & North African Studies

    Professor, History of Modern Middle East & Ottoman Empire

    • The Ottoman Empire and Turkey
    • Modern history
    • Biography and education

    Ahmet Okal

    Assistant Professor of Practice

    Brian Silverstein

    Associate Professor of Anthropology

    Emil W. Haury Building, Room 126

    Andrew Wedel

    Professor of Linguistics