About the School of Middle Eastern & North African Studies - Turkish Studies

Students wishing to pursue Turkish Studies, including Turkish language, culture, society, history, and gender have many opportunities in Middle Eastern & North African Studies (MENAS) at the University of Arizona. Degrees offered include a BA with a major in MENAS or minor in TURK, as well as Master of Arts (M.A.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees in Near Eastern Studies. MENAS and affiliated faculty take an interdisciplinary approach to Turkish studies. Students may enroll for Turkish language courses as well as other courses focusing on Turkey and the Middle East (see courses). Beginning Turkish I and II (TURK 101, 102); Intermediate Turkish I and II (TURK 401, 402); Advanced Turkish I and II (TURK 403/503 and 404/504) are offered every year. In addition, Ottoman Turkish is offered from time to time under TURK 410/510, 411/511. Contact Ahmet Okal for questions regarding testing and/or placement.

Teach Ottoman Empire: K-12 Project

UA Center for Middle Eastern Studies

CMES received a Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad program grant, “Teach Ottoman Empire” which took twelve full-time K-12 educators to western Turkey and the Balkans for four weeks in the summer of 2009. The short-term seminar and curriculum-building study tour was led by CMES Outreach Coordinator, Dr. Lisa Adeli (acting as Project Director, scholar/expert on the Balkans), and UA professor of Ottoman History, Dr. Linda Darling (as Ottoman Scholar-Escort on the trip). The program's focus was the study of the process of cultural exchanges in a borderland region.

For more information on this or future “Teach Country” programs, please contact Lisa Adeli, CMES Outreach Coordinator (adeli@email.arizona.edu).

Turkish Language Courses

  • TURK 410 / TURK 510: Ottoman Turkish First Year, First Semester
  • TURK 410 / TURK 510: Ottoman Turkish Second Year, First Semester
  • TURK 101 , TURK 401, TURK 403 / TURK 503: 1st, 2nd, 3rd year Turkish Language