Departmental Faculty

Mahmoud Azaz

Associate Professor, Arabic Language, Linguistics, & Pedagogy

University of Arizona Distinguished Fellow

  • Arab world
  • Second language acquisition and pedagogy
  • Sociolinguistics
Marshall 442 
Anne Betteridge

Anne Betteridge

Professor, Iranian Women & Culture

Director, Center for Middle Eastern Studies

  • Iran and the Persianate World
  • Anthropology
  • Gender Studies
Julia Clancy-Smith

Julia Clancy-Smith

Regent's Professor

  • North Africa and the Mediterranean
  • Modern and world history
  • Imperialism and colonialism in the Middle East and North Africa

Samira Farwaneh

Associate Professor, Arabic Language & Linguistics

  • Arab world
  • Phonology and Morphology
  • Sociolinguistics

Benjamin Fortna

Director & Professor, History of Modern Middle East & Ottoman Empire

  • The Ottoman Empire and Turkey
  • Modern history
  • Biography and education

Laura Frances Goffman

Assistant Professor of Health Studies of the Middle East and North Africa

  • History of Health Disease and Medicine
  • Modern Arab world
  • Arabian Peninsula and Persian Gulf

Leila Hudson

Associate Professor, Modern Middle East Culture & Political Economy

Scott Lucas

Associate Professor, Islamic Studies

Director, Undergraduate Studies

  • Arab world
  • Islamic thought
  • Zaydi Islam in Yemen
Maha Nassar

Maha Nassar

Associate Professor, Modern Middle East History, Islamic Studies

  • Modern Arab world
  • Cultural and intellectual history
  • Palestinian identity formation and transnational discourses

Narges Nematollahi

Elahé Omidyar Mir-Djalali Assistant Professor, Persian Language

  • Ancient and early medieval Iran
  • Historical and socio-linguistics
  • Stylistics

Yaseen Noorani

Associate Professor, Arabic/Persian Language & Literature

Director, Graduate Studies

Austin O'Malley

Roshan Institute Assistant Professor in Persian and Iranian Studies

  • Persianate world
  • Literature
  • Sufism

Ahmet Okal

Assistant Professor of Practice

Sonia Shiri

Sonia Shiri

Associate Professor, Middle East Language Programs Director

Director, Arabic Flagship Program

Director, Center for Arabic Study Abroad (CASA)

Kamran Talattof

Elahé Omidyar Mir-Djalali Chair, Persian and Iranian Studies ‎

  • Iran and the Persian world
  • Persian literature and Iranian culture and cinema
  • Gender and Ideology