Summer Intensive Arabic Program 2018

Resources for summer students:    
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Additional programs served by the summer program:
For more information regarding tuition costs, please use the UA tuition and fees calculator here:

Please note the following unit amounts:
1 summer session = 5 units/credits
2 summer sessions = 10 units/credits

If you decide to reside in the on-campus housing:
The students will be staying in Gila Residence hall, which is less than a 5-minute walk from the Marshall building. The Arabic Summer housing is $22.00 per night, averaging about $1,500.00 for 66 nights, and it would be half the cost if students will be participating for only one term.

Finish up to 10 credits of your language requirement in one summer! You can also finish 5 credits during the first summer session (ARB101 or ARB401), then continue your study of Arabic in the Fall semester with our off-cycle courses (ARB102 and ARB402), thus finishing your language requirement faster.

Incoming Freshman Students: Enroll in the Arabic Jumpstart Program this summer, with reduced tuition fees and scholarships available. Apply here.

STEM, Business, Health Science Students, and Other Majors: Become a Global Professional by mastering a critical language through the prestigious Arizona Arabic Flagship Program, which includes an opportunity to spend a summer or even a whole year studying Arabic abroad! We also offer a B.A. in Arabic, which allows you to double or triple major!

University of Arizona Arabic Immersion Program
The Arabic summer program at the University of Arizona at the School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies (MENAS) is a rigorous, immersive program that adopts the proficiency-based approach and emphasizes cultural literacy and the use of technology. The MENAS Arabic Summer program offers a variety of in-class and co-curricular activities, including Arabic-speaking housing. Three levels of Arabic are taught by dynamic, innovative and experienced teachers in a supportive and culturally-rich environment.
Summer Course Offerings
All classes are from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm, five days a week, followed by office hours:
Elementary Arabic I, ARB 101: June 4 - July 5. For students with no previous language background in Arabic. Students cover Alif Baa and Lessons 1-6 of Al-Kitaab, Part one.
Elementary Arabic II, ARB 102: July 9 - August 8. Prior completion of one college semester (or equivalent) of Arabic is required. Lessons 7-13 of Al-Kitaab, Part one are covered in this course.
Intermediate Arabic I, ARB 401: June 4 - July 5. Prior completion of two college semesters (or equivalent) of Arabic is required. This course covers Lessons 14-20 of Al-Kitaab, Part one.
Intermediate Arabic II, ARB 402: July 9 - August 8. Prior completion of three college semesters (or equivalent) of Arabic is required. This course covers Lessons 1-5 of Al-Kitaab, Part Two.
Advanced Arabic I, ARB 405: June 4 - July 5. Prior completion of four college semesters (or equivalent) of Arabic is required. This course covers advanced level Arabic content material.
Advanced Arabic II, ARB 406: July 9 - August 8. Prior completion of five college semesters (or equivalent) of Arabic is required. This course covers advanced level Arabic content material.
Cultural Activities 
Along with Arabic classes and office hours, the summer program organizes a variety of cultural activities that aim to enhance the students’ familiarity with the culture and society in the Middle East. These activities include sessions of Arab calligraphy, music, food, and film screenings, as well as sessions introducing students to famous Arab traditions such as traditional dances, clothes, celebrations, and henna.
Arabic-Speaking Housing
In addition to class hours and cultural activities, the Summer Intensive Program features a full language and culture immersion experience including on-campus Arabic language housing. This is an excellent opportunity to live and learn with fellow Arabic students, receive the support of native speaker Resident Assistants, and use the Arabic language outside the classroom. Students residing in the Arabic-speaking dorm get to participate in additional cultural activities led by the Resident Assistants such as cooking Middle Eastern food, exploring Arab music, and playing traditional Arab games.
Textbooks And Materials
While the program uses the Al-Kitaab textbook series, all courses use additional language and culture materials, as well as many technology-based resources that help with speeding up the learning process.
How to Apply
Non-UA students must complete non-degree-seeking student applications online by May 1. To access the application, please go to
Steps to applying as a non-degree-seeking student:
2. Click Apply Now!
3. Create an account
4. Fill out the application
5. Pay the fee: Arizona Residents pay $50.00; Non-residents pay $80.00
6. Make sure to fill out the application before May 1, 2018
If you have questions about the application please call the Office of Admissions at 520-621-3237.
Once you are enrolled at the UA and have a UA NetID, please go to and log on to the Student Center; there, you should be able to enroll for ARB Summer Sessions I and II.
For more information on the summer Arabic program, please contact program director Dr. Sonia Shiri at