Summer Intensive Arabic


About the Program

The MENAS Arabic summer program at the University of Arizona is a rigorous, immersive program that adopts a proficiency-based approach and emphasizes cultural literacy and the use of technology.


The program is open to:

  • University of Arizona students (graduate and undergraduate)
  • Scholarship students that require a minimum of 120 hours of instruction
  • Non-University of Arizona students (non-degree seeking)
  • High school students (Jumpstart Program)

All students with prior Arabic will take a proficiency assessment test to determine the level at which they will be placed.

Summer Course Offerings

All classes are approximately 4 hours per day, 5 days a week for 5 weeks.

  • ARB 101: Elementary Arabic I
  • ARB 102: Elementary Arabic II
  • ARB 401: Intermediate Arabic I
  • ARB 402: Elementary Arabic II
  • ARB 405: Advanced Arabic I
  • ARB 406: Advanced Arabic II

Tuition and Costs

Please consult the University of Arizona's tuition and fees calculator.

How to Enroll

University of Arizona students: 

Please enroll through UAccess.

Non-University of Arizona students:

Find information here.

High School Students:

Apply to the Arabic Jumpstart Program.