Bachelor of Arts

Middle Eastern & North African Studies

Understand the Middle East and North Africa literature and culture, in addition to instruction in the principal languages of the area—Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Hebrew.

About the Major

You will enter relevant courses available in religion, political science, history, literature, geography, sociology, archeology, linguistics, and architecture—often in cooperation with the respective discipline department. Through this interdisciplinary approach, you will be understanding and learning more about Middle Eastern and North African literature and cultures. You will also learn analytical and writing skills that serve you well no matter what career you choose.

Additionally, through our language programs, you will achieve at least intermediate-level proficiency in a Middle Eastern language—Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, or Turkish. 

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Required Minor

You are required to complete a minor (or dual-major) with this program. We encourage you to look for departments with courses that complement the skills you learn here in Middle Eastern North African Studies. Some areas of interest you may look into include business, political science, government policy, education, and more.

Career Pathways

Our graduates, who sought out this degree in our department out of interest in the Middle East/North Africa, often are drawn to government services, advanced academic careers, international businesses, or in preparation for advanced study in this or similar fields. You should consider the following potential jobs as you continue your pursuit of this degree:

  • Interpreter
  • Intelligence officer
  • Foreign language teacher
  • Cultural advisor
  • International business
  • Nonprofit director

Undergraduate Independent Study Form

Undergraduate Independent Study Form