Earn academic credits while gaining real-world experiences.

About Internships

The School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies provides an opportunity for students who are interested in working in public and non-profit organizations and agencies through for-credit internships. Middle Eastern and North African Studies majors/minors may receive up to three units of MENAS credit.

You are expected to write a 5-page paper; it will include a reflection of the experience and discuss how the knowledge gained in the classroom was represented in the internship experience.

Student Eligibility

To qualify for internship credits, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be currently enrolled at the University of Arizona.
  • Be in good academic standing with the University of Arizona and have maintained at least a 2.00 GPA (major and cumulative) at the University of Arizona before enrolling for internship credits.
  • Must complete at least one full-time semester at the University of Arizona.
  • Must complete at least one course in MENAS or a similar subject area.
  • Be a declared major or minor in the department offering the internship. (Non-Majors and minors can earn elective credit but are held to the same standards and requirements.) 

Note: Students in the Honors College should consult with an Honors College advisor regarding Honors credit for an internship.

Application Process

Before the start of your internship:

  • You are responsible for making the necessary contacts and securing the internship site by arranging an interview/meeting with the Organization Contact or Internship Supervisor (Current jobs/volunteering positions do not apply).
  • You must meet with the Internship Instructor to determine the suitability of the proposed internship.
  • You and your Internship Supervisor complete the Middle Eastern and North African Studies Internship Application Form below (including the Assumption of Risk and Release Form) and return to the Academic Coordinator before the first day of classes of the semester in which the internship is to be completed.
  • The Internship Instructor will review the application and determine the appropriate number of units. The Internship Instructor and Intern will discuss and generate academic learning objectives. The application will be signed and the student will submit a Change of Schedule form along with the application to the Academic Coordinator.
  • You will verify the internship has been added to the semester schedule and pay for the credits.
  • Internship Instructor communicates with your Internship Supervisor and sends the Internship Evaluation Form for completion at the end of the semester.

After the internship:

  • Internship Supervisor completes and returns the Internship Evaluation Form
  • You will attend a final internship meeting during the last week of classes and turn in your paper and Student Intern Evaluation Form.
  • Internship Instructor assigns a grade. No grade can be given until the Internship Evaluation Form has been completed and received from the Internship Supervisor along with your submission your paper (hard-copy only)

Think you are ready to demonstrate your knowledge in a real-world environment? Fill out the internship application below with your internship supervisor and submit it to our internship instructor for approval.