The Current Iranian Political Situation A Discussion of the Iranian Women's Protests

Event flyer for The Current Iranian Political Situation.

The Current Iranian Political Situation: A Discussion of the Iranian Women's Protests

Cosponsored by MENAS and Roshan GIDP. 
Fri, 11/04/2022 - 3:00pm

Please join CMES for a panel to discuss the current events in Iran, especially the recent protests about women's rights. This event will be held over Zoom. To register, please click here.

Our two speakers are Professor Emerita Nayereh Tohidi, former director of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies and professor at the Department of Gender and Women's Studies at California State University, Northridge and Professor Kamran Talattof, director of UA Roshan GIPD and a professor of Persian and Iranian Studies at MENAS. The moderator will be Professor Anne Betteridge, the director of CMES and professor of Iranian Women and Culture at the University of Arizona.

The talks, as follows, are "An Evaluation of the Current Movement in Iran: Its Significance, History, and Characteristics" from Dr. Tohidi, and then "The 2022 Iran Uprising: A Paradigm Shift in People's Quest for Life", given by Dr. Talattof.


3 p.m. Nov. 4, 2022