Kamran Talattof

Chair, Roshan GIDP in Persian and Iranian Studies
Professor, Persian and Iranian Studies

Kamran Talattof received his Ph. D. from The University of Michigan in 1996, and he has been teaching at the University of Arizona since 1999 after teaching at Princeton University for three years. He is currently a full professor for the Department of Near Eastern Studies while holding an affiliation with the Department of Gender & Women's Studies and the Graduate Program in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching. He has taught courses on classical and modern Persian literature, Iranian cinema, Iranian history, the Persian language, and Middle Eastern Women's writings. Kamran Talattof has received a few awards for his teaching and services to the field of Persian and Iranian Studies. He has served on several national and international committees within academic associations and on the editorial committees of academic journals, as well as on several ad-hoc international committees. He's authored, co-edited, and co-translated books focusing on issues of gender, sexuality, ideology, culture, and Persian language pedagogy. His articles also focus on gender, ideology, culture, and fundamentalism. Kamran Talattof is the Founding Chair of the Roshan Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Persian and Iranian Studies