Olga Bever

Associate Research Professor, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

My research touches on both kinds of topics: it includes language policy, language use, and linguistic and semiotic landscapes. It crosses sociolinguistic and sociocultural boundaries of societal and individual multilingualism and addresses local, national and transnational discourses and ideologies, languages and community contact, and linguistic and cultural diversities. In addition to theoretical, political and historical aspects, I apply these research lenses to models of language learning that integrate multiple sources of exposure to target language and culture in and outside the classroom, including local environments.  

My affiliation opens new opportunities for me to study and contribute to MENAS research and teaching areas where language conflict intersects with sociopolitical conflict locally, nationally and internationally.  I also hope to work with students and faculty who are interested in language policy and sociolinguistic conflicts across the Middle East, North Africa, and other regions where relevant languages and cultures are involved.  These are locally, nationally and internationally known issues, with much potential for outside funding.