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Bachelor of Arts in Middle Eastern North African Studies

The School of Middle East and North African Studies offers an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the Middle East and North Africa. In addition to instruction in the principal languages of the area (Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Hebrew), relevant courses are available in religion, political science, history, literature, geography, sociology, archeology, linguistics and architecture -- often in cooperation with the respective discipline department.

Students seek degrees in this department out of general interest in this part of the world, often with a view to government service, an academic career, a position in international business, or preparation for advanced study in this or other fields. The department, in close cooperation with the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, facilitates opportunities for study in the Middle East.

Bachelor of Arts Core Requirements:

  1. Two years (or equivalent) of a Middle Eastern language in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian or Turkish. See language policy
  2. Minimum 34 units in Middle Eastern Studies, not counting the first year of a Middle Eastern language, of MENAS-content courses in the following distribution areas:
    1. MENA/HIST/RELI 277A: History of the Middle East -- 600-1453
    2. MENA/HIST/RELI 277B: History of the Middle East -- Modern Middle East
    3. MENA/RELI 334: Islamic Thought
    4. Second Year of a Middle Eastern Language: ARB 401 & 402, PRS 401 & 402, TURK 401 & 402, or JUS 203A & 203B
    5. One Upper-Division MENA Elective course*
    6. One Upper-Division MENA Writing Emphaisis Course*
    7. Two Additional MENA Courses*
    8. MENA 498 or 498H: Senior Capstone or Honors Thesis

*For a list of acceptable courses, view the MENAS Major Progress Tracking Sheet

For questions about requirements, or to declare the MENAS major, contact Sarah Williamsor make an appointment with her in WiseAdvising under the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

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