Arabic Testing for Proficiency or Credit

If you speak Arabic, and would like to test out of your University Second Language requirement, you have three options. Each method takes time and involves multiple Departments/Offices on Campus. Please allow ample time for all paperwork to be processed.

If you have questions about which Arabic Test to take, or about the three options, please contact your major advisor or Sarah Williams:

Arabic Placement Test

Places you in an Arabic course that you can take at the University of Arizona to fulfill your Arabic requirements. The test does not provide credit toward your degree, and the test alone does not satisfy your University Second Language requirement.

  1. You can take this test with any Arabic instructor, and there is no fee to do so.
  2. Once you are placed into an Arabic course, you can enroll in that course or decide to take one of the other tests.
  3. Contact Abdessamad M'Barki for more info:

Arabic Proficiency Test

Satisfies your University Second Language Requirement if you demonstrate adequate proficiency, but does not give you college units toward your degree.

To take this test, follow these steps:

  1. You can take this test with Sonia Shiri, Director of Arabic Studies. Email her at: to make an appointment. 
  2. After your test, Professor Shiri will write a letter certifying your proficiency level. She will send the letter to the Registrar’s Office for your requirement to be satisfied.

Arabic Test-For-Credit

Satisfies your University Second Language Requirement if you demonstrate adequate proficiency and provides you with college credit for ARB 101, 102, 401, 402, for up to 10 units (two courses).

For example, if you test beyond ARB 402, you will receive credit for ARB 401 and 402 for 10 units of lower-division credit and your Second Language Requirement will be satisfied. It is lower-division because the university only awards lower-division credit when testing out of a course. If you test just past ARB 101, you will receive 5 units for ARB 101, and need to take ARB 102.

To take this test, you will need to complete the following steps in the order listed:

  1. Fill out one copy of the Application for Special Examination for Credit or Grade form for each course you would like to receive credit for (i.e., one for ARB 101 and one for ARB 102). If you don’t know what level you will test at, just leave that part of the form blank.
  2. Take the form(s) to your academic advisor for review of the course applicability to your degree program, and have your advisor sign it. You can find your advisor’s name and contact info in the blue, right-hand column of your UAccess homepage.
  3. Make an appointment with Abdessamad M'Barki by emailing:
  4. Bring the form(s) with you to the test with Sonia Shiri and obtain her signature.
  5. You will also need the signature of Ben Fortna, the Department Head for the School of Middle Eastern & North African Studies. Leave the form(s) at the MENAS Front Desk, and pick up the form(s) once his signature is obtained.
  6. Take the signed form(s) to the Bursar’s Office with your payment to receive a stamp on the form(s) certifying payment. The fee is $21 / credit, so 10 credits will be $210. See examination policies.
  7. Return the forms to the Front Desk at the MENAS Department. The Registrar’s Office will not accept Credit by Special Examination forms submitted by students.
  8. Professor Shiri will also write a letter to the Registrar’s Office to confirm your proficiency.