BA Arabic Degree Requirements


  • 120 total units to complete the degree
  • 37 units in the major (all upper-division)
  • 42 of upper-division units total
  • Minor (or dual-major) required
  • Elective credit to reach 120/42 may be required
  • Maximum of 6 units of independent study can be used toward the major


  • 1st Year English or equivalent
  • Math: PHIL 110, LING 123, MATH 105, 107, 112 or higher
  • 4th semester second language proficiency

General Education

  • UNIV 101: Introduction to General Education
  • Exploring Perspectives: Artist
  • Exploring Perspectives: Humanist
  • Exploring Perspectives: Social Scientist
  • Exploring Perspectives: Natural Scientist
  • Building Connections
  • Building Connections
  • Building Connections
  • UNIV 301: Portfolio


Required, minimum of 18 units (or double-major)

Modern Standard Arabic Courses

Complete all the following courses (16 units):

  • ARB 405: Advanced Arabic I
  • ARB 406: Advanced Arabic II
  • ARB 407: Fourth Year Arabic I
  • ARB 408: Fourth Year Arabic II

Language & Society

Complete one of the following courses (3 units):

  • MENA 330: Languages and Societies of the Middle East
  • MENA 337: Language and Power in the Middle East and North Africa

Major Electives in Arabic

Complete 4 of the following courses (12 units*):

  • ARB 424A: Levantine Arabic
  • ARB 424B: Levantine Arabic
  • ARB 427A: Colloquial Moroccan Arabic
  • ARB 427B: Colloquial Moroccan Arabic II
  • ARB 439A: Egyptian Arabic
  • ARB 439B: Egyptian Arabic
  • ARB 450: Arabic Language Variation: Linguistic Analysis, Diglossia and Ideology in Multiple Genres
  • ARB 460: Ethnolinguistics and Religious Diversity in the Arab World
  • ARB 484A: Intermediate Levantine Arabic I
  • ARB 484B: Intermediate Levantine Arabic II
  • ARB 490: Advanced Arabic Media
  • ARB 495A: Readings in Modern Arabic Prose
  • ARB 495B: Readings in Classical Arabic Prose
  • ARB 495C: Readings in Classical Arabic Poetry
  • ARB 496B: Special Topics in Arabic Studies
  • ARB 496M: Special Topics in Arabic Linguistics
  • MENA 337: Language and Power in the Middle East and North Africa

*A maximum of 6 units may be Arabic dialect courses.

Major Electives in English

Complete 2 of the following courses (6 units):

  • ARB 426: Introduction to Arabic Linguistics
  • ARB 448: Arabic Literature in English Translation
  • HIST 495E: Struggle and Survival: Modern Middle East and North Africa, c. 1850 - Present
  • LING 454: Structure of a Middle Eastern Language
  • MENA 334: Islamic Thought
  • MENA 408A: Islamic Movements in the Contemporary Muslim World
  • MENA 422: Human Rights in the Middle East and North Africa
  • MENA 417A: North African Societies: History, Culture and Politics
  • MENA 430A: Language and Society in the Middle East
  • MENA 444: Islamic Mysticism
  • MENA 463: Gender Issues and Women's Literature in the Middle East
  • MENA 480: The Middle East in the Twentieth Century
  • MENA 484: History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1800 to Present
  • MENA 496B: Special Topics in Middle Eastern and North African Studies
  • MENA 496D: The Late Ottoman Empire
  • MENA 496G: Islamic Law and Society
  • MENA 496S: Colonialism and the Critique of Modernity

Arabic Flagship Program

Students who participate in the Arabic Flagship program can satisfy up to 4 of their Arabic major courses through study abroad programs.