Double Major MENAS/Arabic

About the Double Major

Students become proficient in Arabic while also gaining cultural competency and deeper knowledge of Middle Eastern & North African Studies. Double majoring in MENAS and Arabic can open career options in government and intelligence fields, international business, and non-profits, as well as graduate programs.

Course Requirements

Students pursuing a double major in MENAS and Arabic can double dip 9 units of coursework between the two majors:

  • MENA 330: Languages and Societies of the Middle East counts toward the Required Courses in Arabic requirement in the Arabic major and the Elective requirement in the MENAS major.
  • MENA 334: Islamic Thought counts toward the Arabic Elective in English requirement and the MENAS Intro Courses Requirement.
  • One upper-division MENA course from the list below can count toward the remaining Arabic Elective in English requirement and toward the MENAS Writing Emphasis or Additional Courses Requirement.
    • ARB 426 : Introduction to Arabic Linguistics
    • ARB 448 : Arabic Literature in English Translation
    • MENA 334: Islamic Thought
    • MENA 408A: Islamic Movements in the Contemporary Muslim World
    • MENA 417A : North African Societies: History, Culture and Politics
    • MENA 430A : Language and Society in the Middle East
    • MENA 444: Islamic Mysticism
    • MENA 454: Structure of a Middle Eastern Language
    • MENA 463: Gender Issues and Women's Literature in the Middle East
    • MENA 480: The Middle East in the Twentieth Century
    • MENA 484: History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1800 to Present
    • MENA 495E: Struggle and Survival: Modern Mid East and North Africa, c. 1850 - Present
    • MENA 496B: Special Topics in Middle Eastern and North African Studies
    • MENA 496G: Islamic Law and Society
    • MENA 496S: Colonialism and the Critique of Modernity