Dual M.A. MENAS/Public Policy

Students must apply to, and be accepted by, both the School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies (MENAS) and the School of Government and Public Policy (SGPP) to qualify for admission to the dual degree program. An interdisciplinary committee from the two units will review and make a recommendation about any student who has been accepted to both programs.

Unit Requirements

The minimum units required to earn a dual M.A. in Middle Eastern & North African Studies and Public Policy is 60 (18 from MENAS, 27 from SGPP, and 15 units that are shared between the two disciplines).

MENAS Courses (18 units)

  • MENA 595D: Middle East (3 units)
  • One graduate course in gender or culture in the Middle East (3 units)*
  • One graduate course in Islamic Studies (3 units)*
  • One graduate course in Middle Eastern History (3 units)*
  • MENA elective course (3 units)**
  • MENA 909: Master's Report OR MENA 910: Thesis (3 units)

*See MENAS Graduate Courses List.

**Elective course can be any graduate level course offered through the School of MENAS, including ARB, PRS, and TURK courses.

Public Policy Courses (27 units)

  • PA 503: Politics, Policy and Public Management (3 units)
  • PA 504: Intermediate Economics for Public Policy (3 units)
  • PA 505: Methods for Program Evaluation (3 units)
  • PA 515: State and Local Government Finance (3 units)
  • PA 552: Statistical Decision Making (3 units)
  • PA 553: Policy Analysis I (3 units)
  • PA 554: Policy Analysis II (3 units)
  • PA 555: Statistical Methods for Policy Analysis II (3 units)
  • PA 594: Capstone (3 units)

Shared Courses (15 units)

Students will take 15 units of elective courses shared between MENAS and SGPP.

Language Requirement

You must achieve intermediate proficiency in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, or Turkish. Only graduate level language courses can count toward the required 60 units.

Thesis/Master's Report Requirement

Students will choose to complete either MENA 909: Master's Report or MENA 910: Thesis. By the end of the second semester of enrollment, you must assemble an M.A. report or thesis committee of three faculty members, one of whom serves as the M.A. report or thesis advisor. Two committee members must come from the School of MENAS and one must come from the SGPP. Both the MENAS Director of Graduate Studies and the SGPP Director of Graduate Studies must approve the committee.