MENAS PhD Defenses 2020

July 23, 2020

Abbass Braham defended on July 10 and his title is: Colonizing Shari‘a: Islamic Tradition, Indigenous Law, and the Secularization of African Custom in Mauritania, 1900-1940.

Committee: Lawrance, Benjamin Nicholas; Darling, Linda T; Noorani, Yaseen A; Fortna, Benjamin, And Leila Hudson supervisor

Faraj Hamdan defended today and his title is: Relations Between Cultural Institution and Literature in Baʻthist Iraq: Modern Iraqi Prose Poetry of the 1990s Under War, Sanctions, and Dictatorship. Committee: Nassar, Maha; Hudson, Leila; John Melillo; Skibsrud, Johanna E; and myself, supervisor.
Kyle Jones defended on April 7, 2020, with a dissertation entitled: A Multigenerational Investigation of Voice Onset Time in English-Hebrew Heritage Speakers. Committee: Samira Farwaneh (chair), Mahmoud Azaz, Leila Hudson, and Adam Ussishkin.
Essa Alfaifi defended on June 12 and his dissertation title is: AN EMERGENT GRAMMAR MODEL FOR THE LINGUISTIC NOTION OF DIGLOSSIA IN ARABIC AND IN FAIFI Committee: Farwaneh, Samira, co-supervisor; Archangeli, Diana B, co-supervisor; Azaz, Mahmoud; Yaseen Noorani