Congratulations to Danielle Adams for being awarded a NASA Space Grant Fellowship 2015-2016 for her project "Two Deserts, One Sky!"

Onesky Overview:

The desert sky we see here in Tucson, Arizona, is the same desert sky that Arabs have observed for millennia. Two Deserts, One Sky is intended to bring the richness and depth of astronomy in ancient Arab cultures to modern awareness. This project for the first time presents ancient Arab astronomical traditions within their own... Read more

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Zoe has been admitted to the prestigious CASA program as a fellow for the 2016-2017 period.

She intends to take full advantage of everything the program has to offer:

"As a 2016-17 CASA fellow, I am greatly looking forward to pushing my Arabic to the next level through intensive coursework and living and learning in an immersive environment. I also can't wait to get to know the city, food, and, most of all, people of Amman, Jordan!" - Zoe Kosoff

Congratulations, Zoe!

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SISMEC: Symposium on Arid Lands Agriculture, Food Security and Health

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Turki Faisal Al-Rasheed will be traveling to the University of Arizona to conduct a series of lectures, speeches and short courses from Oct. 30 until Nov. 7. The visit is in conjunction with the centennial year celebration of the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (ABE) at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS).
Coinciding with the ABE centennial celebration, the School of Middle Eastern & North African Studies (MENAS)/SISMEC and the Global Institute... Read more

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UANEWS article written By Lori Harwood, UA College of Social and Behavioral Sciences | February 4, 2014

"The UA has launched the Arabic Flagship Program as part of a national initiative that aims to train more people to speak Arabic, considered a "critical" language for national security."

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In recognition of his exceptional contributions to the education and training of others in Middle East studies,
With deep appreciation for his dedication to preparing his students for a life of scholarship, teaching, and professional service; For the care with which he provoked, inspired and nurtured fledgling ideas, and the rigorous critique by which he helped students turn inchoate observation into precise analysis; It is an honor to recognize Carl Smith an outstanding mentor and... Read more

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