Domestic Summer Intensive

Project GO at the University of Arizona offers 12 funded summer scholarships for ROTC students in good standing from any university to study Arabic in Tucson. The School of Middle East and North African Studies runs the ten-week summer Arabic program, which goes from June 6, 2022 - August 10, 2022. 

University of Arizona students learning traditional Dabkeh dance

University of Arizona students enjoy learning traditional Dabkeh dance during a cultural event.

Course Offerings

Courses are offered in Modern Standard Arabic for first year, second year, and third year students of Arabic. There is personal tutoring for each student participating in this program. Students are also paired with a language partner from the Middle East to offer additional practice in oral acquisition.

In addition to language classes, the program offers weekly film screenings, cultural activities, and outings.

Summer Intensive at a Glance

  • Full scholarships for summer courses
  • Vibrant and rigorous programs
  • Cutting edge language learning technology
  • Friendly Arabic-speaking housing
  • Cultural activities and outings in the community
  • One-on-one interaction with peer native speakers
  • Complete one full year of Arabic in one summer!

Apply to the Summer Program

You can apply to the 2021 University of Arizona Project GO Domestic Intensive Summer Program online.

Application deadline is February 22, 2022!

Apply Now

Program Expenses

The following expenses related to summer Arabic at the University of Arizona are covered by Project GO scholarships:

  • Tuition
  • Lodging in dorm* ($1440)
  • Meal stipend ($900)
  • Travel expenses for non-UArizona students ($450 max)
  • Book stipend ($75)
  • Cultural activities
  • Transfer between the Tucson airport and University campus upon arrival/departure
  • Health Insurance (if not already provided by home institution) 

The following expenses related to summer Arabic at the University of Arizona are not covered by Project GO scholarships:

  • $65 non-degree seeking registration fee
  • Parking on campus
  • Non-program related activities

*Students who do not wish to reside in a dorm may petition to receive a housing stipend to cover off-campus housing.