Michael Bonine Memorial Travel & Research Award


Michael Bonine

Memorial Travel & Research Award

DEADLINE: February 25th, 2019


Donations by family members, University of Arizona faculty and students, and individual donors and/or businesses. Checks made out to “UA Foundation Michael Bonine Award”.



The award will support; (1) undergraduate students' international summer travel important to their research or education; and (2) pursuit of academic activities by graduate students enrolled in, or affiliated with, the School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies.



Undergraduate student eligibility: The student must be in good standing at the University of Arizona. Preference will be given to dedicated, curious, and ethical students motivated to learn about the world. Travel ‘off-the-beaten path’ (for example, of two equally qualified students who apply, the one traveling to rural Africa will be preferred over the one travelling to the large cities of western Europe). Preference will also be given to students demonstrating financial need.

Graduate student eligibility: The graduate student must be enrolled in the School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies (or with substantial affiliation). Applicants should demonstrate that the awarded funds will be used for travel for original and creative field-based research or library/archive work. The graduate student may also submit an application for support to expedite the writing of his or her thesis, dissertation or manuscript.


  1. The application should be submitted by the date indicated at the top of this page.
  2. Complete the application at University of Arizona Scholarship Universe (Undergraduate), (Graduate).
    • Include a personal statement describing how the award will be important to your research or education. What difference will the award make to your proposed research or travel plans? If financial hardship is part of your justification, please explain. (one page)
    • Include a resume or curriculum vitae, not to exceed two pages.
    • Include a copy of your college and/or graduate school transcripts, unofficial transcripts are acceptable.
    • Include names and contact information of recommenders in Scholarship Universe, which will contact them to request letters. Letters of reference should be addressed to the 'Bonine Travel and Research Award Committee' For undergraduate students, this letter could be from a professor, advisor, or an employment supervisor. For graduate students, this letter is typically from the student's master's or doctoral faculty advisor. 
  3. Recipients are expected to provide a brief written and photographic summary of the endeavors supported by this award by the end of October of the same year. Descriptions and photos will be used to publicize the award. Electronic submissions and/or archives are preferred. Awardees not abiding by these conditions will be asked to refund their award money.



The five members of the Michael Bonine Memorial Travel and Research Award Committee will be appointed and convened by the School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies.


The award amount will generally range between $500 and $2000, and will vary depending on the number of student recipients in any given year.



DONATIONS: www.uafoundation.org/give/fund/MikeBonine