History Track

The History track will provide you with historiographical training along with specialized knowledge in one area of Middle Eastern and North African history and appropriate language proficiency.

About the Track

In this track, you will complete the core Ph.D. major requirements and also pursue courses on the methods and theoretical issues of historical research in MENAS as well as in the History department, courses in your region of specialization, and courses in other regions of MENA history. You are encouraged to complete your Ph.D. minor in History, but may complete the minor in another related discipline after consultation with your advisor.

The regions of MENA history as defined for the purpose of the program are Islamic (premodern MENA), Iran and Afghanistan, Eastern Arab lands (Mashriq), Ottoman Empire/Turkey, North Africa (Maghrib), Mediterranean, and World History. You are required to take four courses in your region of specialization, and three courses that focus either on other regions or on multiple regions. These courses may be taken as part of the M.A. or Ph.D. coursework. When necessary, exceptions to these requirements may be requested you and advisor and granted by the Graduate Studies Committee.

Required Courses

  • MENA 695M – Advanced Studies in Middle Eastern History

  • HIST 695K – Historiography

  • Three MENA history courses in region of specialization

  • Four MENA history courses in other regions or multiple regions

Regional and Multi-regional Courses

Below is a list of existing courses. New courses in these areas are frequently offered. Not all of the listed courses are offered on a regular basis.

Iran and Persianate Courses

  • MENA 572 - History of Medieval India

  • MENA 573 - History of Modern India and Pakistan: 1750 – Present

  • MENA 575 - Kingship in Medieval Islamic Iran

  • MENA 585A - History of the Iranian Plateau: Authority, Religion, and Literature, 633-1501

  • MENA 585B - Social, Cultural, and Political History of the Iranian Plateau: 7th Century – Present

Islamic History Courses

  • MENA 502A - Economic History of the Islamic World

  • MENA 596G - Islamic Law and Society

  • MENA 596H -  Shi'ism

Eastern Arab Lands Courses

  • MENA 518 - Historiography: The Annals of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

  • MENA 541 - Arab-Israeli Conflict

North Africa Courses

  • MENA 517A - North African Societies: History, Culture & Politics

Turkey/Ottoman Empire

  • MENA 559A - Turkey: Culture, Power and History

  • MENA 579 - Ottoman Empire to 1800

  • MENA 596D - The Late Ottoman Empire

Multi-Regional Courses

  • MENA 545 - Women in Islamic History

  • MENA 556 - Jews of the Islamic World in the modern Period (1840 - Present)

  • MENA 566 - The Middle Eastern City and Islamic Urbanism

  • MENA 580 - The Middle East in the Twentieth Century

  • MENA 590 - Women in Middle Eastern Society

  • MENA 595E - Struggle and Survival: Modern Mid East and North Africa, c. 1850 – Present

  • MENA 596E - Marxism and the Middle East

  • MENA 596S - Colonialism and the Critique of Modernity

  • MENA 696Y – Nationalism and Islam

Special Topics Courses

  • Women, Gender, Empires

  • Literature of Identities in Modern Mid East & North Africa

  • Palestinian Culture & Society