Linguistics of Middle Eastern Languages Track

The Linguistics of Middle Eastern Language track focuses on theoretical and applied linguistics. The track provides training in research methods and analysis, and features discussions on current debates in Middle Eastern languages and their varieties within regional and national contexts.

Required Courses

General Linguistics

Two of the following courses (6 units):

  • LING 501: Formal Foundations of Linguistics
  • LING 503: Foundations of Syntactic Theory
  • LING 504: Advanced Syntactic Theory
  • LING 506: Major Works in Syntactic Theory
  • LING 508: Computational Techniques for Linguistics
  • LING 510: Foundations of Phonological Theory I
  • LING 514: Foundations of Phonological Theory II
  • LING 515: Phonological Phonetics
  • LING 516: History of Phonology
  • LING 522: Lexical Semantics
  • LING 529: Human Technology I
  • LING 531: Human Technology II
  • LING 532: Psychology of Language
  • LING 533: Theories of Language Development
  • LING 535: Morphology
  • LING 538: Computational Linguistics
  • LING 564: Formal Semantics

Linguistics of Middle Eastern Languages

The majority of students who pursue this track focus on Arabic so the choices below pertain to them. Students who wish to focus on Hebrew, Persian, or Turkish, should consult their advisor about courses that full this requirement.


  • ARB 526: Introduction to Arabic Linguistics (3 units)

Three of the following courses (9 units):

  • ARB 550: Arabic Language Variation: Linguistic Analysis, Diglossia and Ideology in Multiple Genres
  • ARB 560: Ethnolinguistic and Religious Diversity in the Arab World
  • ARB 596M: Special Topics in Arabic Linguistics
  • LING 554: Structure of a Middle Eastern Language
  • MENA 530A: Language and Society in the Middle East
  • MENA 533: Applied Linguistics of Middle Eastern Languages: Foundations, Theory, & Methods of Teaching


Two of the following courses (6 units):

  • ANTH 576: Language in Culture
  • ANTH 583: Sociolinguistics
  • ANTH 680: Foundations in Linguistic Anthropology
  • LING 521: Language Maintenance, Preservation and Revitalization
  • MENA 696J: Ethnography of the Middle East
  • PHIL 565: Pragmatics

Coursework should be planned with the advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies.