Middle Eastern Literary Studies Track

The Middle Eastern Literary Studies track focuses on the study of one or more Middle Eastern literary traditions in an historical and analytical manner.

Required Courses

Elective Courses

  • MENA 530A: Language and Society in the Middle East
  • MENA 532: Iranian Culture and Society
  • MENA 536: Love, Sex and Desire in the Islamicate Imaginary
  • MENA 544: Islamic Mysticism
  • MENA 563: Gender Issues and Women's Literature in the Middle East
  • MENA 571: Iranian Cinema, Gender Issues, and Social Change
  • MENA 580: The Middle East in the Twentieth Century
  • MENA 585A: History of the Iranian Plateau, 600-1501
  • MENA 596Q: Qur'anic Studies
  • MENA 596S: Colonialism and the Critique of Modernity
  • PRS 575: Kingship in Medieval Islamic Iran
  • PRS 596A: Topics in Classical and Ancient Persian Literature and Culture
  • PRS 596B: Topics in Modern Persian Literature and Iranian Culture


Advanced language proficiency in one Middle Eastern language is required for all PhD students. For students in the Middle Eastern Literary Studies track, intermediate language proficiency in a second Middle Eastern language or a literary language is also strongly recommended.

Coursework should be planned with the advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies.